Why SEO matters for your business

Does every company need SEO? Can your business survive without it, or do you really need to invest a good amount in this field? What even is SEO? Those questions - and others - will be answered here. The following will inform you why Business SEO is so vital.

How does SEO for my business work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it consists in techniques that will make your website/content be better ranked by the search engine (Google being the most important and biggest). There are many actions and strategies that will improve your website’s position and they are categorised in two types: the on-page SEO and the off-page SEO. Everything you do in your own website is considered on-page SEO. Keeping your website best optimised for mobile, site speed, keyword presence, responsive design, and more are all valid to make your website better for Google. The off-page SEO is simply where your site’s links are appearing, and how relevant the place they are being linked is. If your website has several links in a huge, highly trafficked page, it becomes better for you. It shows your site is relevant enough to appear in other sites, hence Google will consider it better.

But SEO takes a lot of time, optimisation and constant analysis. If you make a new website today, do not expect to show up on Google easily and fast. There are many ranking factors for the search engine to consider, and many other competitors trying to be the number one spot in the ranking. Today you can be number one, next week your competitor might steal your place.

The importance of SEO:

It keeps the search results fair. It makes all the players be the best they can be for the final user, creating a better user experience. It rewards the website that has the most relevance, reducing the ability to manipulate results, because Google is constantly checking for cheap tricks - and it will penalise bad behaviours.

Without the modern and advanced SEO, probably only the websites with the most links or huge number of pages would be ranked in first place. Now, there are many more variables to consider and that are not easy to exploit, making the optimisation more balanced to everyone.

The search engine users must have trust in it, for all of this to work. SEO is one of the pieces that makes the search engines more credible, improving user experience and showing the best websites for what they are looking for at the moment.

SEO also has one of the best Return Of Investment (ROI) in advertising/marketing in general, since it rewards all of the efforts done pretty noticeably and at a higher rate - even if it takes time to show the results. One of the reasons is seeing that your potential customer will find you whenever he wants, probably at the time he is willing to convert - qualified traffic. All of this without paying ads, just by identifying and optimising your SEO.

Does every business need SEO?

You may be a small company and think you won’t need it. You may have a huge business and already be the first ranked and think it is not that important. Both cases are wrong. The online and digital world are always changing and evolving, you must be ready to adapt rapidly to keep it up. New competitors may rise, a new trend might appear, there is no way to 100% forsee the market. And SEO is something your company and/or your digital SEO agency can control and tweak. SEO is not going away any time soon. If you keep working constantly on it, more visibility, leads and growth your business will achieve.

Some business will find SEO more important than others depending on some factors, like: are the users reacting accordingly as expected? Are the keywords being used ranking for what it is needed? Are those keywords under high competition? Is your website responsive? As you can see, there are many items to consider and they are all a challenge to conquer. However, they are all under your control.

Study relevant keywords, make more relevant content, have a proper SEO analysis tool (like SEMrush or Moz), make a more suitable user experience, build links to your website, take a look at your source-code and optimise it. There are many techniques to learn that make your SEO stand out among all. Partner up with a SEO agency or digital marketing agency for better results and more accurate diagnosis.

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Posted in , SEO on Apr 22, 2020