Tinyboat presents its new venture: Indeciso Clothing Store

Here at Tinyboat, our horizons are always ready to be broadened, prepared to discover new and unexplored seas. If there’s an opportunity, we will be there to seize it. With that in mind, we saw an online gap in Brazil's clothing market and couldn’t let it slip. That’s why Indeciso Clothing Store was born.

What’s Indeciso Store?

Tinyboat is proud to announce our new business venture: Indeciso Store. Indeciso means Undecided in Portuguese. The naming is easy to explain: many people can’t decide what to buy/wear, especially men, so we present them with an opportunity to easily solve those problems.

Indeciso came to combine its own style with the ease of e-commerce for other brands that are aligned with our - and the customer’s - style. Indeciso has its own line of high-quality Egyptian cotton fabric, with a minimalist style, ready for any occasion. Easy to wash, care and use.

How are Indeciso’s Products?

Indeciso T-Shirts combine technology and quality with the sophistication of pieces designed for any occasion: from a casual outing to the mall to an important work meeting without forgetting to feel light and comfortable, keeping the body cool on hot days, common in Brazil.

The Indeciso T-Shirt was also designed for the modern and fast-paced lifestyle we live. We don’t expect our customers to waste time waiting hours and hours for their clothes to dry or worrying if they need to be ironed, as our fabric is resistant and does not wrinkle easily. Versatility is an item that we also value a lot in our pieces.

How does Indeciso work?

Indeciso ships to all regions of Brazil using a well-established third-party company specialised in shipping and we have a seven days return policy. All the transactions are made online using popular payment methods in Brazil, for example, the Pix, and they all are certified and go through all safety measures possible to ensure our customer’s well-being. 

We launched our site officially in 2023 and we are ready to make our customers be the good kind of Undecided ;)

Posted in , Projects on Jan 23, 2023