The importance of making a mobile app for business

The importance of mobile devices in our everyday lives and activities is forever growing. The amount of information we are ready to absorb can be accessed literally by our hands, and this information has become essential to our lives, from a personal lifestyle to a business management point of view. The progress of mobile technology reached remarkable innovation and new experiences for the everyday user. One of those is the development of mobile applications - mobile apps - that most of the times are crucial in executing tasks without wasting any time. And your business can benefit by having a dedicated mobile app to be more present and aggregate more value to your service. Here are more reasons to consider having a app for your business:

1 - Accessibility and visibility for your business

Mobile devices already are an integral part of many individuals because of apps. They help to maintain lives more organized. They should be a reliable companion for the user, always available and ready to do what is expected. Most people access Facebook with an app instead using the browser. The ease of use, accessibility and functionality makes the app second nature. If your customer can access your business/service/products in a easier, organised and reliable way, they will - and they’ll be happier with your brand. Having a functional mobile app means you care - and that you are ready to be wherever your customer wants you to be. Also, you will be visible at all times, since your brand is going to be always on their screens.

2 - Direct marketing and push notifications

A mobile app has many functions. It can provide informations, prices, catalog, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and much more. One of the greater advantages of having an app is the power to provide direct messages to your customers. You can send information about sales, promotions, new product and much more through push notifications - messages that generally appear on the top part of the phone screen. It is a convenient way to connect with your audience, bringing them valuable information in a method that is much more guaranteed to not be ignored. And if the user clicks on it, your app will open, making the sale much more probable to happen.

You can also integrate your app with the user email account or/and social media, gaining more analytical data and more chances of interaction.

3 - Better brand recognition

A mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. Think about it this way: the users will have your brand in his pocket 24/7. Your logo will be on their screens, your business should be the first they remember when talking about your segment, etc. You can make the app your business billboard sign and promote what is relevant for your target audience. If your app does its job correctly, more and more people will talk about it and give positive reviews, leading to an increase in downloads and further brand recognition, staying ahead of the competition and building customer loyalty.

4 - Boosting profits with a mobile app

Brand recognition, ease of accessibility, better user interactions, more marketing tools and so on. All of those will increase your sales and presence. When the customer is positive about your brand, so are the sales figures. According to SalesForce, 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they are being treated. And also brings important statistics: mobile shopping via apps were 45% bigger during 2017’s Black Friday, compared to the same time period of 2016 and 2015. Shoppers spent 5.03 dollars in total, and the purchases made on mobile devices were a new record - almost 37% of all sales and 54.3% of all site visits, totalling just under 2 billion dollars in sales. Your business must be ready for these changes!

But how to develop a mobile app? Or do you already have an app, but you are looking for support, bug fixing or new features? With our help, you can make your mobile app better - and much more. Try TinyBoat for free for a 30-day trial and experience full online support for digital strategies, mobile support and more.

Posted in , Digital Marketing on Mar 11, 2020