Project: Artists Against Palestinian Apartheid

We are proud to announce our most recent project: Artists Against Apartheid. A website made in less than 2 weeks, with great performance, speed, usability and responsiveness, focusing on the Palestinian Apartheid cause. All of that with WordPress and SEO support, guaranteeing easy support and management. But what is Artists Against Apartheid?

Artists Against Palestinian Apartheid

This project aims to raise money and aid the Palestinian humanitarian needs. Many Palestinians have to deal with daily prejudice or even worse consequences, akin to the infamous Apartheid that has happened in South Africa many decades ago.

To help them, an informal group of writers, artists, curators and filmmakers united for specific projects to raise money for the cause.

And for that purpose, the website Artists Against Apartheid has a section that sells posters made by artists inspired by the strength and willpower of the Palestinian people who were unable by law to display their flag or its four colours - red, black, green and white - place next to each other in any form. Because of that, Palestinians started to carry watermelons, symbolizing their right to exist. The artists riffed off the symbol of the watermelon to create posters that you can find here to sell and raise money for their cause.

Artists Against Palestinian Apartheid poster

A poster by Mateo Lopez

If you would like to see the posters they are on display in London at, 34 Bourdon Street, London W1K 3PR. If you want to know more or arrange a time, please send an email to and they will happily open the space for you.

Project Results

The website is up and running since the first full week of October 2021. And the results are impressive: more than 700 new users in three days. More than £6000 sold in posters for the cause. And we at TinyBoat are always looking for ways to improve the reach and visibility of our clients, especially one with such a noble cause. We are always working on behind the scenes optimization, SEO reports, keyword research, Yoast optimization and more

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