E-commerce remade almost from the ground up. New features, new design, new usability features, new content, better content management, better user experience, dedicated react made Point of Sale (POS) management to keep all purchases and inventory in check, marketing planning, ads campaign, and much more.


The homepage was redesigned to load faster and be more user friendly. The colours were changed to better reflect the brand. We also added new sections like Recommended Products and Social Media integration.


We redesigned the Product page to become easier to convert and giving more of the product’s description to better help the consumer to know about the product and also for better SEO results. We constantly keep an eye on these pages with video monitoring of the user behaviour to always improve it.




A fully operating Point Of Sale system developed entirely in-house for eCommerce using React technology with Laravel running in the background, modern platforms that ensure more safety. Stock management, search for products in real-time, manage your sales, inventory and discounts. Register sales and buyers, manage tax information, currency conversion and much more. It is a complete checkout system, easy and fast to use. All of your orders, status, users information in one place.


The mobile aspect of the website was completely revamped to be faster, more responsive and user friendly, always focusing on showing what the user needs and wants to see, making the process of navigating the website or buying a product more streamlined.