Keratin and Care
  • Ecommerce


An e-commerce remade almost from the ground up. New features, new design, new usability features, new content, better content management, better user experience, dedicated react made Point of Sale (POS) management to keep all purchases and inventory in check, marketing planning, ads campaign, and much more.

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  • Ecommerce, Mobile focused and Delivery solution


A new way to shop for clothes online or with a mobile app made for the Brazilian market. Small and medium clothing business in your city in one place for you to choose and buy what fits you best and get it delivered on the same day.

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  • Mobile focused, Image based website and Highly responsive and fast


Website and Content Manager restructuring for better usability and faster load times. A mostly image-based website with the design being highly responsive and focused.

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  • SEO optimization using SEMRush reports, Faster speeds and better responsive layout and Full support and features implementation


Full website development, including a complete CMS change, and 24/7 maintenance. SEO boost, security improvements and full CRM integration.

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