Digital Marketing Planning

To have a great digital presence and strategy, there are many points you need to consider. We at TinyBoat can directly help you with our services on many, if not all, of them. The most basic one is to have a Digital Marketing Plan. However, that doesn’t stop you to start actions yourself that will bring good results in the long run. We’ve selected a few tips that will help you on your journey:

Make a good marketing plan

If you want to be successful in the digital world and are thinking about getting a digital agency to help you get there, you must know where you and your company want to go.

In addition to knowing where you want to go, it is necessary to have a plan detailing some of the necessary strategies for that and how much is your maximum budget for them. For any campaign to be successful, a good marketing plan needs to be behind it.

This plan will guide the company to follow the best path identified through market research and other tools.

Remember that this is a flexible document, that is, it is possible to change it whenever necessary when you notice that something is not working as desired.

Know about your target audience/persona type

If you want to increase sales online, step number one is to create a target persona before starting any marketing strategy. After all, what's the point of spending time and money producing content and ads if they're targeted at the wrong people?

Go beyond just knowing your audience's gender, age and social class. Find out what are your pains, achievements, frustrations, dreams, idols, hobbies. The more information you have about the persona the more your strategy will have a better chance of success.

Count on a CMS tool

One of the most interesting tools for managing online content on your pages — whether website or blog — are the CMS (Content Management System) platforms, like WordPress. These solutions are especially aimed at those who do not have much experience in the subject.

With this feature, you can create, publish and manage everything that will appear on your pages. However, the big advantage is that the CMS facilitates all this, optimizing your production time and leaving you to worry more about the content itself than how it will be published than the paths for it.

Don't forget about SEO

This is a slightly more technical point, but it should not be ignored. Good SEO practices are one of the elements that most influence organic traffic. When it comes to SEO for your blog posts, optimization should be an ongoing strategy. You can learn more about it on our blog post by clicking here and here.

Don't just focus on organic traffic

Yes, SEO is important and it's great to be able to attract leads through a good ranking in search engines without spending anything. However, you should not focus 100% of your attention on this method of attraction. On Google, for example, sponsored links appear before organic results and you need to stand out in those places as well.

Be mobile-first

With smartphones, we can say that we had the beginning of the mobile era. Consumers are increasingly making decisions and making purchases through their cell phones. But what many companies haven't learned that the key to success in reaching these consumers is to provide a positive user experience for mobile devices.

So, the first step is to make your website design as responsive as possible. This care allows viewing adapted to any screen size. Also, thinking about AMP versions of your pages is an increasingly demanding requirement, after all, people tend to abandon a page when it takes too long to load.

Posted in , Digital Marketing on Nov 11, 2021