7 Great SEO Tools for the best optimization

Doing a great SEO optimisation can be hard, especially if you are not familiarised with all the techniques. But it is essential to keep improving your website’s SEO to be always relevant to the search engines. And to accomplish that, you will need a least one tool to truly master all the ins and outs of optimisation. That’s why we listed some of the best and most useful tools, used by experts, for you to make quicker improvements!

1 - SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the favourites among the SEO community. It can easily show your rankings, changes over time, opportunities, keywords, backlinks, etc. It is also capable of analysing your site and telling you what needs to be fixed, what you could do to improve it and how the competitors are doing. Track your traffic and search data (you can even link your Google Search Console for more accurate results), download reports, audit your site, get insights and much more with this tool.

2 - seobility

This tool analyses your website’s overall optimisation. It will give tips based on how good or bad the SEO currently is, after a test done by their SEO Check. This tool can also check your keywords, compare two of your own pages for a better keyword term and check your rankings for any keyword. It is a great tool for starters, since it has a 30-day free trial.

Seobility is all about showing you how good or bad your website’s overall SEO optimisation is.

3 - Ahrefs

Along with SEMRush, Ahrefs is one of the most recommended SEO online tools. Its Site Audit feature is considered to be the best SEO analysis tool you can get, helping you determine which parts and pages of your website need improvements. Another great feature is their Content Explorer, a tool that displays which content is more popular on the web based on any topic or keyword. This is great for anyone who has a blog or is planning to do a landing page.

4 - KWFinder

This tool is focused on keywords. Keywords can be very disputed and it is hard to rank higher with a highly and competitively used word. This is where KWFinder can help you. It aids you by looking for more specific keywords with a lower competition level. With that, you can easily get a lot more ideas based on keywords you would have never thought of.

5 - Moz

Moz is an SEO software, also regarded as one of the best by experts - and they claim it to be always up to date with the changes in algorithms that Google creates. Moz is a complete software and SEO tool, full of insights for your website, for example: with the page optimisation feature, the tool will guide you step by step on what you can make to improve all the pages of your website, from the source code and tags, to keywords and more.

6 - Majestic SEO

Another highly recommended tool by experts, Majestic SEO is fully featured and has a friendly user interface. Their strength is with their massive Link Index Database, which is great for checks and comparing backlinks. Find the best keywords to rank, audit competitors backlinks and more. A great tool for off-page SEO.

7 - Google Webmasters Tools/Search Console

And of course, Google itself could not be ruled out. The Webmasters Tools (or Webmaster Tools, as was previously known) is Google’s own analysis and diagnosis platform. It may not be the most user friendly or fully featured, but the amount of data available to be gathered is great and very valuable. Be sure to check it a least once every week or two.

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Posted in , SEO on Mar 26, 2020