5 ways to improve your website and gain more traffic

Every business owner, marketer or salesman wants more customers. And in the digital world, it is not different. Customers come as traffic and your business place is your website. And your shop must be a comfortable place for the customer to become a real client and buy your product. This is why every website should have some basic features for a better user experience, resulting in the increase of traffic. And why not start now? We have 5 great tips to improve your website now!

1 - Improve website navigation

Great navigation is key for the user. They need to easily browse and find whatever they are looking for. Besides that, a better navigations also helps in your search engine rankings. Use the words your potential clients would use. Create descriptive navigation instead of generic, think as a total newcomer to your website. Favor less clicking through menus and categories, instead, more to the point navigation.

2 - Better Call To Action

Calls To Actions (or CTA) are very important. They generally are what is separating your business from a potential lead. Calls to actions that are clearly marked with an action word makes navigation easier for your users, helping them get to where they want.

Everything should be considered in creating a CTA: from the colour of the button to the text. Some colours can be better applied than others depending the occasion, like the product you are selling, the site’s design, what message you are trying to evoke for the user (like trust, a great deal, experience and so on).

The message per se should provoke an emotion, a reaction. Try avoiding generic cliches like “Click to advance”. These messages won’t trigger the emotional connection necessary in most cases for the consumer to take action. Test more personalised messages, evoke a sense of urgency. CTAs like “Get started NOW!” or “Join now!” are good examples to begin with.

3 - Add value and more content

Make your website relevant in other ways besides selling your products. Start a blog, send newsletters, be always updated, etc. There are many ways to improve your site’s content and make it more relevant for even non-consumers. Creating more content also helps with SEO, which is always a plus.

Other strategies that could attract more traffic: producing videos and linking your site. Imagine you have a YouTube channel with some content related with your product, like recipes for your ketchup brand for example. You could - and should! - link your website in every video. Video and image content are super important, don’t forget them.

4 - Consistent design

Consistency is making sure everything matches. Heading sizes, font choices, coloring, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices, etc. All these elements should have the same theme to make your website design coherent among all pages and on the same page. This is important to provide a greater user experience, to be sure your customer doesn’t get lost just by browsing a different page. They must know they still are in your website. Drastic design changes from page to page can lead to a feeling of being lost and confused, decreasing trust from the user. Lower quality design will make users leave your website.

5 - Page speed and responsiveness

Our technologies have advanced and now they are literally in our hands and are mobile. Websites also evolved alongside technology and are a significant part of our daily lives. It is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate, regardless the device used to access it.

Recently, Google started penalising sites that aren't mobile optimised, making the need for responsiveness even more imperative. This is probably the single most valuable way in which you can improve your website’s usability. If you are not sure if your site is responsive or not, you can check it in this website.

Responsiveness and speed are linked (although a responsive website is not the only factor in its loading speed). No one likes to wait for a page to load for too long - people are browsing on many different platforms, using mobile data, free hotspots with not-so-great connections, etc., where making your site ready for all devices is crucial.

And with TinyBoat, your website can be that and more. We work with user experience in mind, advanced and responsive tools, mobile app programmingwebsite support 24/7, bug fixing and much more. Improve your website now! Become a fully featured digital version of your company with TinyBoat.

Posted in , Digital Marketing on Feb 20, 2020