The end and the start of a new year in companies is usually a planning period for what is in the future year. In an increasingly dynamic and changing market, we insist on remembering in the header of our blog: stop learning is not an option. 2020 may have already started a couple of months ago, but are you really prepared to adapt to the ever-changing reality of digital marketing?

Most, if not all changes that occur are driven by new technologies and, most importantly, changes in consumer behavior. If you don't want to be out of this race for the top spots at SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you’ll need to keep up with what awaits you in 2020. Is your company ready?

In this blog post, we will give you three tips for this year. Keep tuned in though, we will have more tips for you on another post!

1. Zero click queries

According to a survey by Jumpshot in 2019, in June 2019 more than half of Google searches do not result in any click. This means that over time, more and more questions must be answered in the SERP itself.

On the one hand, this is bad, as the decrease in accesses from the SERP can decrease the number of visitors to your site. On the other hand, the type of visitor who can get their question answered just by searching on Google (a short answer or some phone number, for example) would probably not be a qualified conversion on your site. Even with the reduction in the number of visitors, it is important that it is your website or blog answering the question.

You are introducing your name to the market, creating a familiarity and brand recognintion. This can be interpreted as a new way of generating authority and relevance.

2. Rich snippets & featured snippets

In a context where information is increasingly exposed in SERP, offering it on your website in the correct and relevant way is essential. There are two interesting ways to have a place in the sun: with Rich Snippets and Featured Snippets.

Rich Snippets are “rich snippets” that the site offers at SERP with relevant information that saves the user from entering your site to extract them.

Evaluation of your company, search box within the site, products, date of events, best voted recipe, categories of your site, etc.

All of these are Rich Snippets that Google has implemented to make browsing even better on the search engine.

3. The fundamental triad

Specialization, Authority and Reliability. In 2019 Google revealed that this is a fundamental triad for its algorithm. Since 2018 it has been noticed that low quality content has suffered penalties in ranking. Being an expert, having authority and being trustworthy to talk about a certain topic is increasingly important for SEO.

In 2018, an update to Google's algorithm, began to penalize, for example, unreliable sites and authors, especially in sensitive matters such as health and jurisdiction.

Another feature that isn’t an option anymore, is adaptability to mobile devices. This should be already implemented on your website. The same goes for your access speed. A few seconds of delay can mean a conversion not performed on your site and a higher bounce rate.

Posted in , Digital Marketing, SEO on Apr 03, 2020